Sunday, November 30, 2008

Point and Purpose

Another blog. Wow. How original. Well, unfortunately, I have yet to discover a source for the sort of information that I would like to know. So, I decided to compile it myself. What I wanted was a one-stop-shop for all things library and 2.0 (which hardly scratches the surface). I really feel that we are at a crossroads. The decisions that we, as professional librarians, make at this moment are going to influence the future so deeply that we need to be more concerned. I want to raise awareness and provide specific examples of things that have worked, things that have not worked, and (hopefully) why. Along the way, I will include relevant articles and links to sources that I think are useful.

To keep it interesting, I have decided to have a Hermetic/alchemical theme. Mostly because it amuses me to do so and shouldn't cloud the message. I hope you enjoy